vmware player for ubuntu 13.04

This article provides steps for manually removing VMware Workstation when the uninstaller script or RPM package fails to remove the product automatically.
There are some tricks you have to do for a successful installation: On Opensuse.3, the header files are located in the wrong place and the VMware cannot find them.
Edit your.vmx file pointing the CD-ROM to the o, start the OS, and an automated setup will guide you inside windows.
The host operating system runs the VMware Player, which provides the guest with resources like network access.Issue 2 - Build of vmci fails.Just press the Cancel button to quit the graphical installer and the VMware Player uninstall process is done.It let me type in full name, quickvoice pro sync with itunes username, password, desired maximum hard-drive size, and then it automatically filled out the forms in the install process.The rest of the software provided by VMware Tools is designed to work independently of this feature.Great, I just found this working solution: sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-player When the uninstall process is finished, the graphical installer will present the option to re-install VMware Player.Gksudo bash /Downloads/ndle, note: this assumes the location of your Downloads folder is /home/user/Downloads.You will, of course, need to have VMware Player installed to run the appliance.How to Install VMware Player.0.2 on Ubuntu.04,.10,.04, Linux Mint 15, 14, 13, Debian Sid, Wheezy and Squeeze.Ndle (download the bundle version, not the rpm one) and run it as root using gksudo.Have you been thinking about running Ubuntu, but are afraid to take the "plunge"?(In my case, it was necessary to run this to install the kernel module vmhgfs).Choose the OS you want to run, an amount of RAM, and save and unzip the resulting zip file provided by the website.