vlc blackmagic intensity pro

Its very good to BMI.
The input is 1080i50 and I am using Win7 Ultimate x64 (SP1).If I use their Media Express software I can see the input video coming in over the hdmi input port (720p @.94).I've installed the latest drivers (9.8) and software for the BM visual studio format 8.0 card.VLC of my Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card.quot; 23rd Jul 2013 16:08 #4, try AmarecTV.I just can't get anything other than their software to display something other than black video.I'm pretty sure that it will work office 2007 to 2003 converter based on this post: m/questions/1921.I just try to read hip hop drum kits fl studio 10 the stream and it doesnt work too.I even tried XSplit and I again get the right aspect ratio but only black input.If I try to use ffplay or VLC I get the right frame size but a black screen.I thought it was taking the "Blackmagic Media Express" parameters by default but its not.For what it's worth, both XSplit and VLC report the device: DeckLink Video Capture.I've read through numerous posts and have tried just about everything.When selecting a peripheral I choose Decklink video and configure.20th Jul 2013 09:40 #1, how do I get a working playback (video audio).