vcr to dvd converter

Just play your VHS tape and burn it directly to DVD!
You'll promptly receive a full refund.With your purchase of clash of clans update 2016 the VHS2DVD Wizard software, you'll also receive a video capture device as well as a video transfer cable.Not compatible with Blu-Ray.Our video to DVD service technicians and equipment are human resource development pdf safe, fast, and top of the line.You'll have to restart your PC after doing.Next, plug in the included video capture device to any free USB port on your computer.This step is optional, but it is helpful if you need to cut out certain sections of your video.Isnt it about time that you and your memories got back together?For example, let's say you're transferring an old VHS tape recording of a TV show.(Unopened purchases can be returned within 60 days.) VHS2DVD Wizard also comes with a Full 1-Year Warranty.The entire process requires little more than inserting the source cassette and a blank DVD and following onscreen step-by-step prompts.You can simply watch the captured video on your computer, or you can use the software to burn it to DVD.