the walking dead season episode 1

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"What's that bandage for?" Morgan asks Rick, pointing a hunter x hunter episode 13 sub indo gun at him.
I just didn't have it.In the present: Michonne and Rick monitor the herd on the road.Rick exits his room.She admonishes Rick for being rough with Ron in the woods.In the present: Abraham takes an unnecessary risk when he leaps out of the car to kill a few walkers that have strayed from the herd.Rick wrestles the gun from Carter but decides at the last minute not to execute him.Walkers surround the tank as Rick seals himself inside, with no idea what he'll do next.Rick shoots him in the forehead.As Rick and Morgan load Petes body into a car, Morgan points out that Rick could have imprisoned Pete instead of killing him.He returns to his home to find it abandoned but believes his wife and son may still be alive.While guarding the gate, Eugene lets in three Alexandrians Heath, Scott and Annie whove been on a supply run for the past few weeks.In the present: Sasha and Abraham drive a car to a rendezvous point marked with red balloons."I'm sorry this happened to you he says, shooting her in the head.Shane delivers flowers to Rick in the hospital, but Rick isn't fully conscious or at all aware of what's going.Earlier, Rick and his partner, shane eat hamburgers in their car and joke about the differences between men and women.Carter spots Eugene and is about to shoot him when Rick, Daryl and Morgan walk.When Tara objects to Glenns decision to help Nicholas rather than punish him, Maggie points out that Glenn gave Tara a second chance after she sided with the Governor against them.He approaches a farmhouse where he makes the grisly discovery that a man has shot his wife and committed suicide.
Rick Grimes : the little girl stops Don't be afraid.