the walking dead season 4 episode 8

The bus then leaves without them and the three of them leave.
Lilly sees a walker trying to cross the river, but it gets swept away by the strong current.
Meanwhile, a dying Philip is still lying on the grass painfully, where Lilly approaches him and shoots him in the forehead with his own pistol, ending the Governor once and for all.Although Beth Greene dies in the following season's eighth episode, this was the last time she and her sister Maggie Greene saw each other alive.He grabs it and proceeds toward the hostiles.Also Starring, emily Kinney as, beth Greene, chad Coleman as, tyreese Williams Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams Lawrence Gilliard.He hugs Meghan good-bye.See more » Connections Referenced in The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far (2016) See more » Soundtracks The Walking Dead Main Title Written by Bear McCreary See more ».Too Far Gone, season 4, Episode 8, air Date.Last appearance of Mitch Dolgen.Goofs/Errors Governor assures Rick that his taking over the prison was not about the past.Infuriated, The Governor jumps down from the tank and holds the katana that they got from Michonne to Hershel's neck, best floor steam cleaner uk 2013 muttering that he will "fix the damn fences." Rick asks Tara and the rest if a fight is truly what they want. .Rick maintains that his group isn't leaving.
It is the forty-third episode of the series overall.
They take cover and see the bus depart without them.