the american heritage book of english usage

I think most commercial dictionary departments had already produced entire lines of such works long before they began using computers.
It is not a long leap from lay me down to lay down.
Although editors will grant that the dictionaries they have made are valuable resources, they often find themselves having to explain that making a marketable spinoff requires considerably more investment, mainly in editorial effort, than had been imagined by their corporate leadership.
Concerns about "political correctness e-mail lay / lie, people have confused lay to put, place; prepare and lie to recline; be situated for centuries.In fact many of the Harper panelists served, and some continue to serve, on the panel of the AHD.Synopsis, an introduction to English usage provides a look at, and explanations of, a range of grammatical problems, including style, diction, pronunciation, word formation, names and labels, and science terms.,For the first time the editors of the superb American installshield express visual foxpro limited edition Heritage Dictionary-long recognized as a leading.Traditional rules of grammar, commonly confused words, new uses of words.The American Heritage Book of English Usage: A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English.81 avg rating ( 16 ratings by, goodreads softcover, iSBN 10: isbn 13."synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title.Don't most dog owners at one time or another say Lay down!The rubbish had lain (not laid ) there a week.How many employers exhort their workers with Let's not lay down on the job?The Morrises' book is thus derived in method at least from the AHD.The editors familiarize themselves with the vocabulary in specific subject areas, collect materials on new developments and usage, and work with expert consultants to ensure that our publications are accurate and up-to-date.There are a few exceptions to these rules.The result is this practical guide that includes chapters on grammar, style, diction, gender, social groups, pronunciation, word formation, science terms, and a subject and a word index.In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: The Making of The American Heritage Book ofEnglish Usage Joseph Pickett It has become an established business practice, indeed a necessity for survival, for dictionary publishers to capitalize on their existing resources.Most of the editors hold graduate degrees and have studied at least one foreign language.Making a book on English usage was one of a variety of derivative projects that had been proposed at Houghton Mifflin over the pre- 148Joseph Pickett vious decade.Reference, Writing, the American Heritage Book of English Usage: A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English.It was a logical step for us The American Heritage Dictionary (AHD) has a long-standing reputation for addressing usage issues, and it only made sense to try to build on this reputation by producing a useful stand-alone volume.Words with multiple or unusual pronunciations.Somehow it's hard to imagine the lady sticking around.Lay has been used to mean "lie" since the 1300s.
I also saw the opportunity to include information from the usage ballots we had conducted since the publication of the Third Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary (AHD3) in 1992.