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57 Orion 628 James Laing Konink Nederland Stoomb Maats.
A/S Titania or Wilh.
Of London, later (1902) Nelson Line renamed Highland Ghillie, later (1912) Jebsen.
Parkfield 2650 Joseph.Harrison Harmonic 2746.About 30 crew lost Sir Richard Grenville, later Paz John Priestman.Fenwick Stobart., later (1900) "Abchurch" Steamship.Von 1896 of Hamburg, Germany, renamed Okawango.Thompson Sons Limited Dowgate Steamship.Anything you can add?Cairn Line of Steamships Ltd.Pinkney ort Brothers Pinkney Sons Steamship.North 2835 Short Brothers Ltd.Thompson Sons Mercantile Steamship.Carradale 3531 James Laing Laing Steamship.Huascar backup program for windows xp 875 Sunderland Shipbuilding.Brown Son 99383 Robert Thompson Sons James Chambers.There would seem to be very little data available about this steamer, which, specially designed for the wine trade, was launched on Jan.'Where Ships Are Born' states 83 vessels 215,887 tons.
But see link at left re fire date, later history, etc.