subtitle prime minister and i episode 9

But the ice cream remains untouched and melts by morning.
Da-jung truthfully recounts the story to Yul, who tells her thats enough.
Yul answers that it hasnt hit him yet, and she replies it hasnt for her either.
Its Dad, whos calling to ask if his calculations about his card game are correct (they are) and to tell Da-jung that she appeared in his dreams last night.Furthermore, it was so nice to be able to see two decent people fall in love and cultivate a mature relationship, where bootlog xp windows 7 both parties were thoughtful, considerate, appreciative, and respectful towards each othersuch rare qualities in dramaland nowadays.And who should be his next appointment but Da-jung herself, who calls him the familiar prime minister title before correcting herself.She offers to help him with whatever hes worrying about, and Yul tells her to go inside.In other words, I missed you.Once theyre alone, Joon-ki says that it seems Yul has forgotten all about his first wife because of Da-jung.Then Da-jung goes to visit her fathers urn at a columbarium as we hear her narrate her achievements to Dad that shes now an author.And on that happy and snowy day, hell walk Da-jung down the aisle hand-in-hand.Outside influences continue to put pressure on the contract marriage, and just when our couple takes two steps forward, another tug at the guilt strings takes them one step back.Ha, its just the reporters imagination, isnt it?Da-jung sees Yul off in the morning and genuinely thanks him.But he has more urgent matters to attend to when Na-young rushes out with news that Su-ho recognizes her.She asks where he gets that kind of courage from.Prime Minister and I, and while there arent any huge surprises in its last few pages, the show still puts us through the wringer before seeking to tie up its loose ends.
Yul says they cant take a break now, but thats when Joon-ki arrives at the rink with his family.
The doctor says Dad went into shock, but thankfully is in stable condition now.