sparknotes macbeth act 3 scene 1 and 2

Yet it was said.
macbeth, act 1, scene." LitCharts LLC, July 22, 2013.
First witch, a sailors wife had chestnuts in her lap, And munched, and munched, and munched.Ill shut up now.But it was also prophesied that the crown would not go to your descendants, and that my sons and grandsons would be kings instead.It should not stand in thy posterity, But that myself should be the root and father.If there come truth from them.Cite This Page, site Map, help, advertisers.Thou playedst most foully for.Site Map, help, advertisers.Why, by the verities on thee made good, May they not be my oracles as well, And set me up in hope?Their lives are pretty bad anyway."Macbeth Act 1, scene." LitCharts.Jobs, partners, affiliates, terms of Use, privacy 2017 Shmoop University.The rump-fed runnion cries.Macbeth is worried about Banquo's noble nature, wisdom, and valor.But he does take the time ncert 11th history book to note that his part of the prophecy, regarding his royal seed, will also probably come true.
Banquo, now you have it all: youre the king, the thane of Cawdor, and the thane of Glamis, just like the weird women promised you.