slender man woods game

Here you can find more information about him) and it takes place in the woods.
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Plot, a man suffering because his wife left him, finds his life unbearable in the city.
After some work, he opens a door that has a door that needs a key, which is in a house.He decides to go outside to check it out, only bringing his old flashlight.You have to collect a certain amount of pages in the woods to survive.Don't forget to read the notes, they contain tips where you should.The ground is red and moist where I'm lying.The development started a month after the original Slender game came out.The more you play the game, the faster the enemy becomes.See the text file for the list of controls and important tips.It tells the strange things that happens to him and the paranoia that he has with the forest.He then runs through its tunnels seeing warnings and the Slender Man himself very briefly, and when he finds the end of it, he is shocked in horror to see what he believes is the remains of Cody, large smears of blood on the ceiling.It was going fine, until he starts hearing strange noises outside the cabin.Cody then decides to go to to the sawmill to find something to kill the Slender Man.Sprinting causes your maximum stamina to drop slightly, especially in the Page collecting mode.