san andreas mods ps2

If you ever encounter a loan shark after getting into debt through gambling, the hp elitebook 8470p drivers windows 7 64 bit number of them you kill now gets recorded in your stats.
In the introduction cutscene, Big Smoke now wears his basketball jersey as seen in early previews and screenshots of the game.
You now hear comments about your performance during a low-rider contest like you do when dancing.Fixed a bug in the 'Burglar' side mission which corrupted the 'Mission attempts' vs 'Missions passed' stats.The DFT300 truck no longer has a missing wheel.Really Fat CJ, fat level for CJ goes to maximum.Enabled the missing hood ornaments for the Slamvan - you can now purchase the hood ornaments from Loco Low Co that were in the game but unused.Decreases the wanted level by decrements of 2 each time the the code is used.In addition, you will only be able to enter Colonel Fuhrburgers house during the mission and after completing it (but not before).Added the missing 'The Truth Is Out There' mission.No traffic except in gang territories.Funhouse Theme * CJ's adam dan hawa episod 28 appearance changes - a clown nose appears, red hair etc.Each one has unique voices too and they will no longer simply stand by idly.In the 'Riot' mission, Sweets car no longer mysteriously appears in two places at the same time.Instead, you use the custom Monster Truck in the 'Monster' mission for Mike Toreno and can keep it after the mission.There is now less of a chance that parked vehicles will be locked however the chances of cars setting off their alarms if you steal them have been increased slightly.In addition, your girlfriend will gradually become less clothed as you progress through the sequence and the bug where Michelle's appearance was corrupted in the sequence has been fixed.