ryuusei no rockman episode

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An Artisan's Shrubs Howling at the Moon 21 (47).
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Wish of a Wise Sage 31 (57).Singing Electromagnetic Space 18 (44).Raging Pet Wolf 40 (66).The Returning Man 27 (53).Sorry, there is no episode for this anime!The Fugitive, Warlock 02 (28).English: Megaman Star Force, synonyms: Ryusei no Rockman, Rockman of the Shooting Star, Rockman of the Meteor.Electromagnetic Crisis 29 (55).The Invincible Theme Park Spirit 24 (50).Electromagnetic Viruses 04 (30).The Appearance of Human Viruses!?SynopsisBackgroundAlternative TitlesPictureAiring add to My List.FM Star Cluster 34 (60).
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