reset admin password mac os x 10.6

The steps may seem a little intimidating at first but I assure you its easy if you follow them exactly, here is exactly how to do this in three stages: Stage 1) Boot into Single User Mode and remove a setup file.
Type shutdown -h now and press Enter.That user, in turn, can create other administrator (privileged) or unprivileged accounts.Type passwd username and press Enter.If, for some reason, the first account is borked or the password forgotten, a second administrator account can come to the rescue.All user files and settings are maintained as before the password was forgotten.Power on or restart your Mac.This tutorial may ruffle some feathers, but it addresses a topic that a ton of people ask about all the time.Important Note: This tutorial was written for Mac OS.4,.5 and.6.The only requirements are that you must have tied an Apple ID to a user account, and you must have internet access so that the Mac can contact Apple to initiate the reset procedure.Type reboot and press Enter.One Simple Idea, the neatest, simplest way to reset the administrator password if it is, say, forgotten, is to make use of the recovery partition.At the chime (or grey screen if your chime is turned off hold down CommandS on your keyboard to enter single-user mode.This is basically the be-all-end-all approach if nothing else works, because its guaranteed to get you back into a Mac when the other options repair windows xp boot sector without cd are available, and it works in literally all versions of.Reset.5 Leopard.6 Snow Leopard password.
The below instructions also applies.
CommandS keys, this will take you into Single User Mode and its Terminal interface.