prison management system project

1.3 AIM AND objective.
Goa Electronics Limited, design and implementation of the system and day-to-day management and course correction.
This has to do with uneasiness and insecurity in dime quien soy epub the minds of the prisoners related to appropriate justice by the system in various aspects including parole, remission, release, emoluments etc.A critical initiative like prisms shall always call for timely and supportive project leadership and enough motivation in the team.Prisms is providing high security standards.Overall, the change was to come through reforms in the 23 prime activities whose streamlining determined the level of efficiency in prison administration and empowerment of the prisoners.The task cut out was 100 implementation across all jails and levels along with a centralized database of 3-tier web based system.Also, there is the commissary (canteen) management entity which supports the maintenance of commissary stock items on timely basis as well as tracking purchases by inmates and automatically adjusts both the commissary stock and the inmate PPC account.The well being of the inmate is further supported by effective prisoners medical management which captures the complete medical history of a prisoner and activities therein.The aim of the survey (interview and inquiries) is to establish the existing utilization of computer by operators (prison management) if any, also to identify areas that do not already have computer and identify the barriers to owing and using computers.References Goa launches country's first jail monitoring system, Times of India, Issue Feb 20, 2009, Prison Management System, Goa Electronics Website, ml Internet Society, Award Document, i-sigegov.Objectives, the overall objective of prisms was to scale up prison governance by ensuring a transparent, user friendly, problem solving, and friendly and trustworthy prison management system across Goa.The new system is actively providing support to the transformation of the state prison system towards modern administration.In the process, Goa became the first state in India, which has opted for a centralized jail monitoring system covering the entire state.The manual system was in place for 40 years and the officers over time had got used to a certain way of working and thinking, so there was initial resistance in connection with change over to prisms.One of the staff that assisted in giving relevant information was.C.P (assistance controller of prison).5 scope OF THE project.
The new system has provided much relief to the prisoners.