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Examples: language (B/T) 639-3 type 639-3 code English en eng individual eng German de ger/deu individual deu Arabic ar ara macro ara individual arb others Chinese zh chi/zho 4 5 macro zho Mandarin individual cmn Cantonese individual yue Minnan individual nan As of April 2012.
ISO on 1 February 2007.
Other 17026 cs entifier.Languages and dialects often cannot be rigorously distinguished, and dialect continua may be subdivided in many ways, whereas the standard privileges one choice.Since ISO 639-2 also includes language collections and Part word search puzzle maker with answer key 3 does not, ISO 639-3 is not a superset of ISO 639-2.Rejections often include suggestions on how to modify proposals for resubmission."Submitting ISO 639-3 Change Requests".Ethnologue Linguist List olac : the Open Languages Archive Community 22 Microsoft Windows 8 : 23 Supports all codes in ISO 639-3 at the time of release.I don't personally believe everybody should have the right to certain things as that's the way I see things.At that time, requests may be adopted in whole or in part, amended and carried forward into the next review cycle, or rejected."Languoid, doculect, and glossonym: formalizing the notion 'language.1, iSO 639-3 extends the, iSO 639-2 alpha-3 codes with an aim to cover all known natural languages.Text Encoding Initiative (TEI 32 via ietf's anime golden time episode 20 sub indo BCP.The ISO 639-3 Web site has pages that describe "scopes of denotation" 16 ( languoid types) and types of languages, 17 which explain what concepts are in scope for encoding and certain criteria that need to be met.Html5: 30 via ietf's BCP.A public archive of every change request is maintained along with the decisions taken and the rationale for the decisions.The language codes of ISO 639: A premature, ultimately unobtainable, and possibly damaging standardization.
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