mono black reanimator legacy 2012

Now I have constructed a mono black reanimator.
But when looking online it is harder to find a sideboard for a mono black version (simply because there are so many U/B reanimator that are played).So this is a deck I've been playing around with for a little while now, it's a cheap mono-black reanimator list, that's been fairly decent so far, so thought I'd share.Phyrexian Arena helps, especially if you get it out on an early turn, but it's just not as good as having ponder, brainstorm, or preordain to fix your draws.Return to Search 295.15 137.45.19.My real question though comes in regards to a sideboard.After some amazing feedback from you guys I decided to go away from the idea of playing U/B reanimator.Do you guys have any suggestions for a good sideboard for a mono black reanimator?Unfortunately, without adding blue, you have minimal card draw, unless you make room for sign in blood I guess (I'm not convinced sign in blood improves the deck so your opening hand and first draw step or two really determine how well your game will.I originally posted this to the r/magictcg, but some people mentioned that this would be a good place to cross post this.Targets: (7) 2, iona, shield of Emeria 2, sphinx of the steel wind 1, terastadon 1 griselbrand (was an inkwell leviathan until I got 'brand) 1 blazing archon, it's pretty cheap, can have some really explosive draws (such as turn 1 swamp - dark rit.Cyber Locc does any1 have a mono black legacy reanimtor that wins tournements that i can check out im trying to build one but there expensive so i want to make sure i have a solid decklist before i go buy a bunch of cards.So here I am, first time on this subreddit, so nice to meet you guys!Cards by Type 9 6 17 3, creatures, instants, sorceries, enchantments, average Casting Cost (ACC)., notes: No sideboard.As it is now, with entomb and buried alive, ouran highschool host club episode 23 the creatures themselves, 10 cards that become a reanimation target, 10 reanimate spells, and 5 discard outlets doesn't seem right.The deck also just dies to an on-board leyline of the void or similar effect unless you side in (or make room for a maindeck).I felt like playing U/B might be better overall if you have all the amazing cards, but if you do not have the funds for FoW, fetchlands, and other key stuff going the mono black route seems more ideal.any other suggestions you guys think are worthy in this list?Can't really remove duress, since the deck is very weak to counter magic without them, and it can get their graveyard hate out of their hand before it has a chance to hit you).
I only have duress right now for hand control in my main deck, so maybe more hand control is one of the obvious choices.