minecraft essentials commands plugin

heal - Heals you or player.
Fly.others Gives access to activate fly for others /fly player adminessentials.
killmobs - Kills all mobs on the server.
It has highly customizable permission nodes and many commands so you can successfully run a strong and essential server.For example, to match all commands that include the word potato, you would simply wrap the world potato in asterisks: command-cooldowns: potato 30, nOTE : Due to yaml's design, any command starting with * must be wrapped in"tion marks (single or double, '.Ext Gives access to extingish yourself /ext adminessentials.AdminEssentials has many commands for admins packed into one compact plugin.If you want to limit how often a player can /feed or go /home, all you have to do is simply add that command to the config: command-cooldowns: feed: 10 # 10 seconds home: 70 # 1 minute 10 seconds.Others Make others invisable /v player ck Teleport to last location /back at Enable/disable chat /chat pass Bypass disabled chat No command Installation Download the plugin Place into your 'plugins' folder Restart your server Other GitHub AdminEssentials is now available on GitHub!Plugin Metrics This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to mcstats.Skylexia - Project Friend, x-Rob - Server owner, Minecraft Australia, theFarmerNL star jalsha mahabharat episode - Server owner, m, darkShimy - Server owner, Stickmenz - Server owner, RealmCraft Murga - Server owner, SteelCraft skateboarding games to for pc Svesken - Server owner, fo Crueldog - Server owner - Curelmc R_O_C_K_Y - Server owner, Hardcore's.back - Teleport to your last location.What do I do now?feed - Feeds you or player.Full chat and nickname customisation, full moderator control, with feature such as muting, jailing and temp banning.i will be more than happy to place more tutorials down!burn - Sets you or a player on fire.Users can be set to bypass all command cooldowns by giving them the pass permission).
30 # match any ban command that isn't banip.