medieval 2 total war kingdoms expansion pack

Discovery of the Americas Campaign : Taking place in the early 16th Century, this campaign chronicles the early European colonisation of America.
It also sees the introduction of Hero units with special abilities, 9 new Agents (although some are revamped and renamed from the original game) and new technology trees influenced by Religion and Prestige.New Campaigns, the pack adds no fewer than four new campaigns to enjoy.Comprised of four new campaigns the Discovery of the Americas, 13th Century Britain and Ireland, the Third and Fourth Crusade and the Teutonic Campaign in the high middle ages Kingdoms takes your Medieval II experience further with enhanced graphics, gameplay and a vast array.The expansion contains 6 new multiplayer battle scenarios and 20 new custom battle maps.Teutonic Campaign : Starting in 1250, the Teutonic Campaign centres on the conflict between Christianity advocated by the Teutonic Order, and Eastern European Paganism represented by Lithuania.Finally there is the Teutonic Campaign which covers Eastern Europe and sees Denmark face off against Lithuania and the Teutonic Order.Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland have been expanded into a decent sized map and you can battle for control.The Kingdom of England is encroached on all sides by those it is supposed to preside over the Welsh, the Irish and the fierce Scots seem inevitable to cast off the chains of English rule.The Byzantine Empire is also a playable faction as they attempt to regain the glory of the Middle East in the name of Emperor Manuel Komnenos.Next up is the Crusades and as you fight for domination of the Holy Land, generals like Richard the Lionheart and Saladin face off against each other.The Kingdom of Norway too seem poised to take England for their own and to make matters worse dissent within the kingdom itself with Barons threatening to unite and wage a full scale rebellion.The player can also choose to fight on behalf of the Saladin of Egypt and the Turks as they attempt to drive the crusaders out.Crusades Campaign : Beginning in 1174, a few years deep excavations a practical manual by malcolm puller before the Third Crusade and continuing through to the Fourth Crusade, this campaign allows you to control the Kingdom of Jerusalem and Principality of Antioch as they battle to increase the presence of Christendom in the.An Americas map covering North and South America gives you the chance to take on the role of Cortes and the invading Spanish or play as one of the home nations, South American tribes such as the Aztecs or Native Americans such as the Apachean.Play as the British, French or Spanish as you explore and conquer a wild land filled with violent natives or play as the Apache and mount a warpath against the foreign colonisers.