mashiro iro symphony game

Third Person Person : Ange Third Option Love gta 5 game pc Interest : Miu Transfer Student Uniforms : Students from Kagami wear a blue uniform, in contrast to the white one worn by the Yuijo girls.
She got a divorce from her husband more than ten years ago.
As part of the merger, students from both schools are selected to participate in a test class at the Yuihime Girls' Academy campus, 1 an act which is initially opposed by the female student body.04 "Airi-Colored Secret" "Airi-iro no Himitsu" October 26, 2011 Airi reveals that she has been living alone since she entered Yuijo and does not have much money to spend on living expenses.3 Angelina Nanatsu Sewell Chapter Tenshi ni wa Shukufuku no Mabushisa o (in Japanese).She drags Ange out of the clubroom to give Shingo and Miu some alone time.On Shingo's first day, he learns that many of the girls are not happy about the coming merger.Shingo discovers there is a rumor going around that he and Sana are going out.Shingo officially joins the Nuko Club and assists Sana in posting member recruitment posters around the school since six members are needed to prevent the abolishment of the club.Shingo and Miu spend time together in front of the cherry blossoms.07 "Twilight-Colored Swing" "Tasogare-iro no Buranko" November 16, 2011 Now with six members, the Nuko Club is officially recognized by the principal.Mashiroiro Symphony is Palette's ninth title.That evening after they part ways at the park, Shingo returns to Miu's house because he forgot his cell phone, and accidentally sees Miu in the nude.15 Angelina's CD, titled Tenshi ni wa Shukufuku no Mabushisa o was released on September 22, 2010.Her favorite food is tokoroten.Head Pet : Pannya enjoys sitting on Miu's head or shoulder.She later becomes Shingo's maid, and refers to him as "master" danna-sama) (in her storyline of the game and, temporarily, in the fifth episode of the anime).He has a fiancée.Shingo notices Miu's wounded fingers and Sana tells him that Miu lets animals bite her to assure them that she will not hurt them.25 The anime has two theme songs: the opening theme "Authentic Symphony" by Choucho, and the ending theme "Suisai Candy" by Marble.Shingo asks her not to push herself too hard, as Sana listens from outside." SoundTrack" Mashioiro Symphony SoundTrack (in Japanese).Ange reply that the outfit might be loose and baggy around certain areas and Sana's not amused.