lenovo t60 bios password recovery

We shot the eeprom, and keep it shot will the time we entered blank password in the Supervisor Password field.
Most of the Lenovo Thinkpads can be cracked this t be warned you only need to create a short circuit for just a second.
You may need to do it roughly 3 times.
If en it's on windows 2008 r2 activate remote desktop the other side which means you have to remove the entire back cover to get at it, i would suggest you just remove the rear slide cover first or palm pad screws, and check before removing your entire back cover for.If you only want to clear the Supervisor password to gain full access to bios, you can do it using simple disabling of a Chip on the motherboard at boot time.I have a rather simple solution that clears all passwords and settings of the bios without any motherboard replacement or eeprom replacements.An eprom is the tiny chip that has 4 inbound solders and 4 outbound solders on the Eprom chip, again inside this eprom chip they switch over so they aren't a direct pass through to the otherside of the eprom chip so just make sure.Doesnt matter which way your looking at your circuit board, it will still be the top last two in the right of the eprom, as they correspond and switch over inside the eprom chip so you will be shorting either the two "in or the.ThinkPad Mini 10 netbooks you have to open up the back, and short the Eprom Bios reader use a magnifying glass, find it, and it is pin 5 and 6 on the eprom, (SDA) and (SDL) the eprom is the first selection of the motherboard.( no machine type# on the bottom).I usually get it on the 3rd boot attempt.There is no backdoor or secret password or Boot CD software or anything like that can break this or unlock it with the click of a mouse or keyboard, most of the thinkpads are like that also, you will have to replace the motherboard.While booting up turning the power button on at the same time holding a fine screwdriver to both pin 5 and 6 (the right hand two pins solders on the top end of the eprom.100 Series laptops (ideapad)1000VA - LCD Tower UPS (100V)1000VA - LCD Tower UPS (110V)1000VA - LCD Tower UPS (230V)100-14IBD Laptop (ideapad)100-14IBY Laptop (ideapad)100-15IBD Laptop (ideapad)100-15IBY Laptop (ideapad)100S Chromebook (Lenovo)100S Series chromebook (ideapad)100S-11IBY Laptop (ideapad)100S-14IBR Laptop (ideapad)110 Touch-15ACL Laptop (ideapad)11000VA - LCD 5U Rack UPS (200V/208V/230V)110-14AST.We release the shot just before confirming the second password so that bios has no chance to recover the settings from eeprom.You only need to basically strike or swipe those pins for a second a during reeboot.Any input would help, if simply pulling the cmos battery solves the problem on a model this old then i would be happy to hear that.Lenovo do however charge you to unlock the Eprom, but a proof of purchase or reciept either new or second hand is nessecary.Just make sure your not stupid and panic and strike your fine screwdriver through the rest of the motherboard.You can check out the following you-tube video to see the complete process in action.I have tested this method to work for some T series laptops and W510).I should also mention another type of lockout on these, another which many students get is the HDD is happens when too many wrong passwords are entered, if you don't know the bios passwords DO NOT TRY AND guess.I would rather try and make use of it and fix it up, couple of other things it needs, and a small laptop would be mine to use.If we shot the eeprom chip just before system enters the bios, eeprom will not be able to provide bios with encryption data.