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River Media Center.0.120 Fixed: Importing a the walking dead season episode 1 playlist would clear the "Image File" field for files with embedded cover art.
NEW: dlna server, add advanced option that allows the server to passthrough DoPE compliant files.
Changed: Subtitle images are delivered to EVR from the main thread (fixes possible hangs when detaching or sizing EVR while subtitles were going).Fixed: When MP3 decoding encountered bad frames, audio analysis could slow way down instead of quickly working through the errors.NEW: Subtitle timing can be adjusted from the OSD when subtitles are on (use up/down/left/right while playing).Fixed: SSA alignment tokens could appear as text in subtitles.Changed: Added Cover Art Get Artist Images for back.Xml file was not being used - instead the movie was named according to the folder above the mv file.Fixed: On television tuner configuration dialog, "The tuner is capable of tuning to DVB-T2 (or S2, or C2 checkbox was always unchecked even though the user had checked it previously.Changed: If the program is configured to use a cover art folder that is not available or writable, the default cover art folder will be used for that run of the program (the same validation runs when setting a folder and won't allow you.NEW: Added a Playing Now Overview view that appears when there's more than one zone that allows seeing all zones at once.It helps you in connecting your PC to Television, remote control devices, Stereo, digital cameras, scanners, and portable MP3 players.Fixed: asio Line-in playback was not working properly.