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Peruvian literature has its foundations in the oral traditions of the pre-Hispanic period, which unfortunately remain largely unknown. .
Rather, our passion is to ncaa football 10 cso explore those works of fiction which stand a good chance of being remembered fifty years from now.
Ivan Zaro is the author of this text that will hitch you on the first lines that tackle a mostly un-known subject that not many people talk about and less people write about: male prostitution.
The story of a young girl with artistic aspirations that works in sales discovering female homosexuality with a sophisticated and recently divorced lady will become one of your best literary recommendations.Adolescence, youth, and young adulthood are the three stages of this book that was also taken to film.Carol, a novel written by Patricia Highsmith, also known with the name El precio de la sal (the price turbo racing league games of salt) was published for the first time in 1951.Peru don Quijote Spanish school is recognized and accredited.A boy that never lived more than two years in the same house decides to paint the walls of each room with stars.Confesiones de una mascara (A masks confessions).The Japanese Yukio Mishima published his work in 1949, it is said that its an autobiographic work inside the lgbt genre.To live is the rarest thing in the world.Compassion is the basis of morality.The most important thing here is to be yourself, El chico de las estrellas is the first literary work from Chris Pueyo, an autobiographic novel that will make you feel part of the story.Cesar Vallejo championed the Avant-garde movement in amongst Peruvian authors.Why not make a mistake with a princess and start a new adventure with a prince?
Also during this period, Titu Cusi Yupanqui, an indigenous author of royal bloodlines, began publishing his works.