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Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on a black screen while the host receives Bennys tutorial cutscene.
7/8/15 gtav Title Update.28 Notes (PS4/Xbox One/PS3/Xbox 360/PC) patch notes: ILL-gotten gains part 2 New Content All Platforms Five new vehicles have been added to Legendary Motorsport for Story Mode and GTA Online: Coil Brawler, Vapid win xp pro sp2 activation code Chino, Invetero Coquette BlackFin, Progen T20, Dinka Vindicator.
Three new Hairstyles are available for Male and Female characters in GTA Online.
Fixed an issue where the hacking minigame would stall if the player launches their mobile phone at the same time as interacting with the panel.Two episodic packs have since been released for the Xbox 360, the first entitled The Lost and Damned, released on 17 February 2009.Fixed an issue where Rounds could be skipped for Adversary Mode Jobs.Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on a white or black screen when finishing The Fleeca Job: Scope Out.Fixed an issue where players could become trapped inside the Luxor if it was being reclaimed by Pegasus.Fixed an issue that may have caused erratic driving behavior by NPCs, resulting in traffic jams and pile-ups.Fixed graphical issues when recording Rockstar Editor clips during The Jewel Store Job and The Bureau Raid Missions in Story Mode.Adversary Mode Invites are now Red.Fixed an issue where some orange vehicles were being delivered with red as a secondary color instead of black.Fixed an issue that caused the position of remote players in a GTA Online session to be incorrect when being jacked from a boat.Fixed an issue where the player could lose functionality when searching for a Quick Job with the Merryweather menu open.Fixed an issue that caused the movement of other players in a GTA Online session to appear jerky when playing certain animations.Players can now place Points of Interest without issue in GTA Online and Story Mode.Added the ability to cycle between targets when using lock-on missiles (such as Buzzard missiles or the Homing Launcher).Fixed an issue where the Moving Day award was not being awarded to players.Players now have two ways in which Contact Missions can be unlocked to allow for direct launching from the start menu: Reach the requisite rank for the Mission (This unlocks the Mission for that character slot only).Fixed an issue where players would lose functionality after being killed when attempting to use the Rollercoaster.Fixed an issue that resulted in players receiving numerous messages from other players who were looking for work.Some weapon rebalancing tweaks have been made based on community feedback.
Fixed an issue where players were unable to remove a Crew Emblem from their Personal Vehicles.
Fixed an issue with the Rockstar Editor that could cause graphical issues when playing back a video at ultra-high resolutions.