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Add gprmb sentence to the nmea output.
Make route recalculation on MPC maps behave like City Navigator maps.
I've tried everything, and this installer never ends, it just goes on and on for no apparent reason. .Fix potential shutdown when using topo West 1999.The map products would have a serial number just like like they do now.I've 3d car games for laptop never understood why they didn't just use the serial number of the map product instead having a separate registration code.Front of CD Jewel Case: (small, in windows 8 sdk offline installer the lower left corner of the front case).Turn the GPS.Fix issue where route names would be converted to upper case during editing.Interesting : L2xpvz7A - (8 character code) This sounds very plausible, and was hidden between two layers of cardboard in the shrink wrap!Even transferring an SD card from one iQue to another wouldn't work.Add A905/D900 unlock code communication protocol.Fix issue where tracklog setting was changed when unit was put into mass storage mode.Changed datum used in the the sweref 99TM grid to GRS80.Changes made from version.60.70: Fix issue where bathymetric (underwater depth) lines would not show up in non-marine night color mode.I've motorcycled through Europe, through Canada, and all over the USA using GPS to guide. .
Download (2.13 MB view installation instructions and system requirements.