game maker studio 1.1

Fix for AV on trying to close and save changes to a timeline when youve just deleted a moment.
Fix for shaders saving incorrectly and one part overwriting the other.
Compiler, fix for line numbers reported being out by one.Fix for action list becoming corrupted when cutting and pasting events into actions vice versa.Windows App Export, mac Oxport, ubuntu Linux Export.Enums now have code completion and syntax colouring they look the same as macros.Made obsolete the functions/constants for OpenFient, PocketChange and PlayHaven.Fixes for importing audio files from Marketplace assets.Fix for the cropping flag on texture groups being reversed in EA465.Unlimited resources, texture Management, multiple Configurations, team Features.IPad Multitasking support requires launch story board in bundle┬╗ Fixes for Tests not running on iOS (especially with Xcode 7) note that you may still have occasional deploy/run issues with Tests Added device_ios_iphone6s and device_ios_iphone6splus Stopped multiple compilations of your win xp pro x64 product key project when running on iOS.YoYo Compiler, xbox One Export, playStation 4 Export, playStation Vita Export.Unlocked now for Master Collection users, so if you have Master use Help Update License or manage your YoYo Account to get the new target Windows 10 desktop support only at the moment (you need to be running Windows 10 and have Visual Studio 2015.We are updating our FAQs You will now also get a Lint compiler report of any issues/suggestions the Android tools found during your build note: we are aware that some of the warnings reference runner-side issues.
Fix for Linux and Mac OSX YYC Missing _yygml.
Several fixes for making Mac OSX builds when using Xcode.
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