distributed version control with git ebook

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Some Notes on Using git commit.No single place is more important than any other single place.This is a snapshot from a certain windows 95 bootable cd iso version of the project on his disk.In Git, a distributed version control system, things work a little differently.Introduction to Distributed Version Control Systems (dvcs).Add all files (in the current directory) to the index Index / Staging Area The index aka "staging area" is a file that contains the files that will go into your next commit.Im an egotistical bastard, and I name all my projects after myself.Only because a file was changed doesn't mean it will automatically be included in the next commit.Also keep in mind the distributed nature of Git: branches can exist remotely and - much more important for your daily work - locally.A healthy branching strategy would look something like this: But opposed to that, this is how our unhealthy branching "strategy" looks like.Print, praise "Version Control by john deere 2305 service manual Example may as well be called, the Hitchhiker's Guide to Distributed Version Control - it's a concise and informative compendium that serves as both an introduction and a manual for practical usage of Mercurial, Git, Veracity, and virtually any other.Git : British slang meaning "a rotten person".
They're not transferred to any remote repository until you explicitly decide to share them.
Merging branches with conflicts If git cannot decide on how to merge changes you will get a merge conflict which needs to be resolved and committed : git merge branch-name conflict (content Merge conflict.