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The correct spelling, immortal, was soon found.N, an online tool that permits a researcher to type in keywords and returns a selection of Internet sources for information on that keyword (known as hits).Firefox, go.Contemporary Examples, they not only disrupted service in China, they apparently crashed the search engine worldwide.Chang, december 2, 2014, but what started out as a search engine has evolved into a search-and-destroy machine.My search for good returned 432 entries, far more than I could ever use.Software that looks for data that match the criteria in a query.The dictionary source from which the result has been pulled is displayed at the bottom of each search result.Though some search engines combine features of both, most are predominantly either Robots or Directories.Librarians or site administrators who wish to provide a convenient short cut into OED are invited to use this Quick Search box.Dictionary's Style Guide is an extremely comprehensive resource.