dao360.dll for windows 7 32 bit

QueryDefs, the items in this line of code are defined like this: Dim dbLocal As Database.
See the articles, which may help with DAO360.DLL problems:.
The word wrap.If you continue to have problems.We are moving to Windows 7 64-bit.Copying DAO360.DLL from the, c:Program Files (x86)Common Filesmicrosoft sharedDAO folder into ragnarok new iris hex client the, c:WindowsSysWOW64 folder and the.I have an application that uses the MS Access 2003 front end to connect to both a MS SQL and a Sybase database.There is more than one trigger for this error.We have a lot of legacy apps written in Access, so our systems use Access 2003, but Word, Excel, and Outlook 2010.Error 48 : This error means one of the installation files is missing or the system registry has been corrupted.Exe (a.k.a Command Prompt) application will be found.If it still does not work install Legacy on a another computer if you have one.(Make sure Legacy is closed when you do this and your computer will probably ask for Administrative approval when you copy the file, so give.).A successful re-installation of Legacy Family Tree was then done.Figure 3, windows 10, 8 7 searches for Command Prompt "cmd" with right click menu option Run as administrator being selected.Here are the most common ones: The DLL or referenced DLL is not in a directory specified in the path.Please visit Uninstall - how to do a complete and totally clean removal of Legacy.Then press the enter key, figure 4 - Getting the correct syntax in the regsvr32 command is important.The bottom four files (including DAO360.DLL) are installed by Legacy.