clash of clans update 2016

However this restriction only applies for the higher Town Hall levels, Town Hall 8 and below are not affected by this rule.
On the small page it will advise you in which upgrades you should perform next.The maintenance break began at around 15:00 BST on Wednesday 24 May and the game opened a few hours later.It wouldnt be right for Supercell to release a feature in their game which allowed them to do such things that mods which went against their terms of service also did.Here are the actual changes: 2x Spell Brewing 3x training for Golem, pekka and Lava Hound 2x training for Witch, Wall Breaker and Dragon.You may recognise this beast renowned for its presence in Supercells new hit game: Clash Royale.A massive release packed full of new features and improvements.This, as a whole will make high level attacking more efficient and allow people to attack more often.The Miner will be only available to Town Hall 10 and 11 players but I expect great things to come from this unique troop.New Releases, now here is the much awaited list of new releases that are coming to Clash of Clans on Wednesday 24 May: Spring Trap, people will now be able to upgrade their spring traps from Levels.This term is used to describe the length of time it takes to actually find a base to attack.You will not have to quickly build a base, you can easily select which base you want to use to defend from your friends and clan mates.Hopefully this will allow the Bowler to fit into a lot more army compositions.Its blue tinge to its colour scheme suggests something about the spells which will be released alongside.