bootlog xp windows 7

The driver that is causing the system to fail is one of the drivers listed with "Loaded Driver." in the normal mode boot log, but listed with "Did Not Load Driver." in the safe mode boot log.
While booting, Windows creates a log file that lists every step processed that is attempted and completed.
Click on the "Stop" button.
By comparing the differences between the two logs, you can determine which features are not required to start.If an existing ntbootlog.More than likely the problem will be toward the end of the file (since that was the last avid xpress pro studio hd item logged before crashing).If the problem does 2fast 2furious game torent not occur then you know it was that device and you should check the vendor website for new drivers or known issues.Windows 7 getting Started, boot logging lists the files that successfully and unsuccessfully processed during startup.Loaded driver s, loaded driver.The following lines are sample Ntbtlog.Compare the list of drivers loaded in normal mode to the list of drivers loaded in safe mode.Continue to disable services individually until your computer starts in normal mode.Replace the driver file with a working version, using the Copy command at the command prompt.Reboot your Computer and see if the problem still exist.If your problem does cause Windows to crash, reboot into Safe mode by selecting.If you are unable to fix the problem, you may need to have a Computer shop troubleshoot the problem for you.For the services that run only in normal mode, disable those services one at a time, trying to restart your computer in normal mode after you disable each service.Txt log file on Windows XP (Vista log is similar Service Pack :45:44.500.
Boot logging appends entries to Ntbtlog.