asus dvd rom firmware update

RPC1 and Rip Lock firmware based on Windows.33.
For the DVD-121CHD Model.04 CHD Patched version of spdwin to gta tokyo drift game support DVD-121, DVD-121S and DVD-121R pioneer DVD-121R (sony DVD-121R) Currently RPC1 firmware based.00 pioneer DVD-121S Currently RPC1 firmwares based.08, and.09.
2.35 Binaries and Flasher, and.36 Binaries and Flasher.LG HL-DT-ST GSA-H20N RPC1 Firmware -.01 Windows.Please refer to this page to see a list of region-free firmware for DVD-ROM drives.If you believe the disc is not copyright protected, then it might simply be dirty or scratched.Disc Info to examine.HP DVD Writer 840b (OEM LG 4166B) RPC1 firmware - HJ86 Windows.107E Binaries and Flasher.TDK Firmware reporting as NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A" - Stock, RPC1, Rip Lock, [email protected] - Binaries with DOS Flasher TDK 882N.36.TDB Flasher w/Kernel pioneer DVR-K16M Currently RPC1 firmware based.00 sony.Beta MAD DOG Book Type Version reporting as NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG".F8 DOS,.F8 Windows,.F9 DOS, and.F9 Windows.0H33, 0P33, 0W33, 0C27, 0C29, A101, 0T LG HL-DT-ST GCC-4243N Auto Reset and RPC1 Firmware - Support for multiple OEM derivatives.Benq DVP-1650S Currently RPC1 firmwares based.FV,.HV,.JV, and.KV.Windows Version.77 TDB Windows Flasher,.78 TDB Windows Flasher,.79 TDB Windows Flasher,.C7 TDB Windows Flasher, and.C8 TDB Windows Flasher.Drive will remain as regular "general" model, not Buffalo "OEM_INT" model.Windows Version.A1 TDB Windows Flasher, and.A3 TDB Windows Flasher.Disc Info" check source disc size is correctly.Q16: When I use the 1-to-7 CD Duplicator ARS-2032 to burn, I often get the error message: Source Drive F- Read disc error.LG HL-DT-ST GWA4080MA (4083N) Auto Reset and RPC1 Firmwares based on AE38 (Apple) Runs in Windows XP!Put firmware disc to source CD/DVD-ROM drive.A: To support compatibility of new model burners, it needs to do the firmware update.Burn n(controller's firmware) to blank CD-R/RW disc.