aircrack-ng per windows xp

It implements KoreK chopchop, fragmentation and newly also injection testing.
Next step: choose Install from the list.
Assim que camtasia studio 5 serial iniciar o programa, irá captar pacotes de dados de certas redes, graças a uma das ferramentas do pacote: Airodump, um sniffer que recolhe pacotes de dados que você pode examinar mais tarde.
So far it is not possible to generate the trafic packet injection on the Windows platform.It is not necessary to install a conventional driver.In the network card configuration it is necessary to take off zero config.This step offers online actualization which is for this purpose useless.It allows the use of one card for more applications.The installation is completed.Dll -p 12345 -c 6 or see the proggres and start up Airserv-ng on the channel.6 in the debug mode airserv-ng -d commview.Register, in order to login you must be registered.With the command cd we move into the file cd c:aircrack-ng-0.9 Start up Airserv-ng on the channel.In the dialog window enter the path to the install folder CommView Wifi/Driver where.the file f is located, at a standard installation the whole path is: C:Program f, the automatic vendor detection is implemented and the detected card is offered for the installation.The board administrator may also grant additional permissions to registered users.I will choose the driver myself.Hardware Software, the process of Cracking WEP key on Windows system enhanced about Aireplay-ng packet injection is executed through hack.Click above the network card icon (right mouse button) induces pull-down menu where in Properties and then in Configuration.we go ahead - onto card Driver where we can find the button Driver Actualization.In the menu Start/Start up with the command cmd we induce the console window.In the installation file is the library that will serve as a connection between the application and network card.It allows a multiple use of the network card in the real time.For this purpose the application Airserv-ng was.
Driver: CommView for Netgear library (older commview.